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Balanced Scorecard/CIM and Core Competency Model Progress

The Institute is pursuing two major projects: Balanced Scorecard/Continuous Improvement Model seeks to establish the comprehensive framework of activities that distinguish a highly effective school risk management program. Core Competency Model complement...

Starting Nationwide Conversation About Best Practices

The Institute began work in May on a Continuous Improvement Model for school risk management. Several risk managers in large school districts and school risk group staff provided the initial inspiration for the project. Support has been expressed from a br...

School Risk Group Leaders Gather in Nashville

About 25 school risk groups from across the country will be represented at the Fall conference of the Association of Governmental Risk Pools(AGRIP), Oct 17-22, in Nashville. Approximately 60 risk group trustees and staff from large and small groups will ha...

Institute Releases YR2 Report, YR3 Outlook and Service Matrix

The Institute’s outlook for FY11 is driven by two themes, Resilient Education and Boundary Spanning. Projects and activities are planned for increased visibility at 20 conferences during the year. The Executive Director can provide a copy of the repo...

DPS Safety Video Wins Emmy Award


A Denver Public Schools-produced safety video has won an Emmy Award. The video “Getting to School Safely,” was up against PBS-produced and 7News-produced videos in the Informational/Instructional Program/Special category. Click here to watch th...

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