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LEADING CHANGE in Risk Management

The keynote speaker today at the Risk & Insurance Management Society(RIMS) Annual Conference is John Kotter, author of Leading Change and My Iceberg is Melting. Professor Kotter’s talked is billed as “Leading Change.” He is the Kono...

Colorado Safe Schools Training

Colorado Governor Bill Ritter kicks off an all day school safety training program in Colorado Springs today. The event is sponsored by the Colorado Safe Schools Resource Center. More information is available at http://www.safeschools.state.co.us/ The prog...

KY Mandates HS Coaches Safety Training

The Kentucky legislature and Governor approved a new law last week that requires at least one coach at each practice or in a game who has completed a 10 hr. safety training program and passed an exam on injury prevention, emergency response and life-saving ...

Employee Wellness Saves Money

District wide employee wellness programs exist in about 42% of the school districts across the country, according School Employee Wellness: A Guide for Protecting the Assets of Our Nation’s Schools. This 54 page publication funded by the Center for ...

School Risk Group Leaders Ready for Challenges

About 40 staff members and trustees of school risk groups will be heading home today from the Spring Conference of the Association of Governmental Risk Pools. (AGRIP) They were engaged for 2 1/2 days of presentations, special events and small group meeting...

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