School Risk Classroom

The Institute brings cost-effective, 21st century learning experiences to satisfy the needs of school districts. It sponsors and delivers custom regional conferences, web tutorials and webinars for personnel from many different levels and with various positions in the school district.

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Training Table

The Institute maintains online links to district and risk group sites where training materials are accessible for members' use. Reviews and testimonials may also be provided. The Institute works with districts that are developing new training materials to arrange for sharing or recovering costs or to create alliances and joint-ventures for collaborative production.

School Risk Manager Training Review

The Institute gathers and compiles information about certification programs and continuing education courses available to school administrators by a variety of sources. With the help of experienced school risk managers, prominent risk management educators and insurance industry leaders, programs offered to school administrators can be evaluated against a core competency model designed for public education. Senior administrators and human resource officers responsible for staff development and risk manager training receive helpful, independent guidance.

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