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News Releases by "Lee Gaby"

Supreme Court Decides School Strip Search Case

Jun 26, 2009 by Lee Gaby

The U.S. Supreme Court issued its opinion June 25 upholding qualified immunity for a middle school assistant principal who conducted a strip search related to suspected drug possession. The court remanded the case against the school district, finding that the student’s Fourth Amendment rights were violated. Three members of the court offered dissenting opinions, concurring with some parts of the majority opinion....

Florida Education Risk Managers Encouraged by "Dr. Nick"

Jun 17, 2009 by Lee Gaby

School district risk management leaders from across Florida were gathered in Sarasota and heard the inspiring message of Dr. Nich Yphantides, MD, who shared his personal health pilgramage and invited the attendees to join him in advocating for the cause of employee and child obesity prevention and recovery. “Dr. Nick,” as he likes to be called, is the Medical Director for San Diego County CA. More informat...

PRIMA Conference Extra for Schools

May 28, 2009 by Lee Gaby

Districts and School Risk Groups attending the PRIMA Conference in Dallas will have an opportunity to gather on Tuesday June 2 from 9:40 to 10:20 for an event billed as “Lagniappe – A Little Something Extra for Schools.” This is designed as a Meet & Greet along with a discussion of risk priorities. The Hilton Anatole has reserved the Rambling Rose Room for the gathering. Following Lagniappe will...


May 2, 2009 by Lee Gaby

Late Friday afternoon, May 1, the Center for Disease Control posted a new page for school district closing. To access go to: http://www.cdc.gov/h1n1flu/K12_dismissal.htm

Congressional Hearing on Swine Flu and Schools

Apr 30, 2009 by Lee Gaby

A press release from Congressman George Miller (D-CA) announced that he will hold a hearing of the House Education and Labor Committee in order to “look into how we can ensure that schools and workplaces are prepared against the flu virus.” Schools across the country are turning to local health officials for guidance and some school risk managers are involved in review sessions. Reliable information about S...

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