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Your membership in the Public School Risk Institute gives your school district valuable information and decision-making tools to:

  • Membership directory – a unique gateway to the school risk management community and professional peers across the nation.
  • Monthly e-Letter with national coverage of school districts and school risk groups.
  • Corporate partner links and “thought leader” relationships.
  • Staff dedicated to public school risk management with experience in association communications.
  • Faster answers, less time searching for resources.
  • Convenient access to extensive publications, bookstore.
  • Price discounts and group purchase options for helpful materials.
  • Special interest groups and committees with facilitators.
  • Best practices exchange and development projects.
  • Practical research on vital topics and issues.
  • Peer Group Benchmarking.
  • Regional events and special activities at national conferences.
  • Webinars and online courses.
  • Small group meetings and clinics on timely topics.
  • Models and blueprints to attain excellence in controlling costs.
  • Recognition for exceptional safety programs and results.
  • Progress reports on risk management practice and achievement in public schools.

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