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Discovery Festival Comes to a Close, Everybody Well Informed

Aug 21, 2011 by John Stovall

PSRI’s SchoolRisk Summer Discovery Festival, a two-week long series of webinars given by almost twenty different presenters, has concluded. Nearly eighty participants attended the seminars, which covered various topics such as Bullying Prevention, Bus Safety, and “Seating, Sexting, and Science Safety.” Hosts, moderators, presenters, and listeners all participated in discussions about new programs and ideas that are helping to promote safety in schools. Luann Purcell, CEO of the Council for Exceptional Children, gave a session on Risk Strategies in Special Education, while two psychologists with quite different approaches, Dr. Scott Geller and Dr. Stephen Dranoff, shared their programs, Actively Caring and Risky Business respectively, and their takes on what about the adolescent brain leads to bullying behavior. The Public School Risk Institute has recorded all of the webinars and by signing up to be a member, one can access all of these audio files as well as several powerpoint presentations. If you have any questions or comments about the SchoolRisk Summer Discovery Festival, contact Executive Director Lee Gaby [ leegaby@schoolrisk.org ] or Assistant Editor John Stovall [ johnstovall@schoolrisk.org ].

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