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School Risk Group Leaders Ready for Challenges

Mar 11, 2009 by Lee Gaby

About 40 staff members and trustees of school risk groups will be heading home today from the Spring Conference of the Association of Governmental Risk Pools. (AGRIP) They were engaged for 2 1/2 days of presentations, special events and small group meetings with insurance industry representatives. At times, the scene in the restaurants, lounges and lobby of the conference hotel was like a beehive, with brokers and reinsurance company executives moving from one group to another, sharing information about their services and offering ways to help school districts control the cost of risk. The efforts of these leaders is aimed at producing financial stability in the face of continuing risk and economic uncertainty.

School risk group leaders were just part of the overall assembly at this conference. Also attending were about 200 representatives of city, county, transit, housing authority and special district self-insurance pools.

Harold Pumford is Executive Director of the Association of Governmental Risk Pools. More information about AGRIP can be found www.agrip.org

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